Training and Employment Team Bios Mukilteo

Carl Nelson Nameplate
Carl Nelson Photo Carl began to work in with individuals with disabilities in 2000 in residential group homes as a caregiver. He switched over to job coaching in 2011 and later in 2014, job development. Carl enjoys removing the barriers to those in the community to give back to the community. He works with DVR and DDA clients to find competitive and customized employment jobs and finds his ever changing and very rewarding. Carl primarily serves Everett and Lynnwood and the outlying areas of Snohomish County. Carl is a graduate of the Employment Professional Certificate Program at Highline Community College.

Daryle Sullivan Nameplate
Daryle Sullivan Photo Daryl has been an Employment Consultant at the Mukilteo location since 2014. Daryl has worked with people with disabilities since 2012 in the community and in residential services. His core responsibilities include working with those with barriers to employment in the manufacturing area process packaging and testing of products. He provides job coaching, teaching and training. Daryl's past work experience includes; Military (supply management) manufacturing, customer service and massage therapy. "I try my best, and ask the same from others"

Jaquita Polk Nameplate
Jaquita Polk Photo Jaquita joined the Mukilteo team in July 2016 as part of the client services department as an employment specialist. Jaquita assists clients in job development, job placement, resume' building and job coaching, also while helping serve them out in the community or on their volunteer/job sites. In 2008 she received her certified nursing assistant certification through Kaplan college in Vista Ca, which helped her serve adults as well as children with barriers. Working as a nursing assistant for 7 years, she gained experience in hospice care as well as working with dementia/Alzheimer's clients, with a specialty in diabetes training. If there's one thing she's learned working in healthcare and client services, is, that you shouldn't ever be defined by what you can't do, but what you can. Outside of Orion, she volunteers with the Mariner High School little league football association, helping in aiding kids to stay healthy and active through sports.

Kearsha Garner Nameplate
Kearsha Garner Photo Kearsha is an employment consultant at the Mukilteo site and joined the team in June 2016. Her core responsibilities are to support, teach, train and coach those in community jobs as well as those in the manufacturing packaging area. Kearsha assists program participants to make community connections in their volunteer sites to increase job skills, communicate effectively and clearly with the public. Her past work experience includes several years in warehouse and manufacturing environments.

Betsy Martinez Nameplate
Betsy Martinez Photo Betsy has been with the Mukilteo location since 2015 as an employment consultant. Her core responsibilities include helping people with career development, professional goals and long-term workplace success strategies.

Betsy received her certificate in medical assisting after graduating from high school. She has been working with people and in the customer service field for about 8 years total in retail and other types of customer service field.

"You will never understand the true meaning of your life, until you travel and experience how others live theirs..."

Christen Gray Nameplate
Christen has been with the Mukilteo location since 2012. She supports clients to locate opportunities for meaningful community integration as well as a pathway to employment services. Christen is trained to identify and match an individual's interests, help develop opportunities that emphasize personal growth, integration, and meaningful connections and relationships.

Christen has over 4 years of experience in the foster care system, 9 years of experience working with people with disabilities and retired populations.

Christen currently volunteers with Purrfect Pals in Arlington and is the creator of a community garden project for persons with disabilities.