Referral and Funding Sources

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Trial Work Experience / Community Based Assessment / Assessment / Training: Assessment services provide information that assists both the individual served and their team in determining a vocational path. Training services focus on skills building on specific learning objectives.

In Auburn, these services take place in one of our Auburn training venues – Clerical Customer Service Program, Customer Relations & Training Center and Manufacturing Training Program. In Mukilteo these services take place in the Manufacturing Training Program or in the community.

Snohomish County Developmental Disabilities Administration

Individual Supported Employment:
Individuals referred by Snohomish DDA are supported to work towards finding community competitive or, customized employment opportunities in their communities. Each individual is supported to create a career path plans to guide the services toward paid competitive employment. Individuals receive ongoing 1:1 job coaching and mentoring services in the community to coordinate service accommodations with potential employers and increase disability knowledge and training and support to companies.

School to Work:
Staff provide students in their last year of school with partnering with vocational vendors to explore employment interests and obtain paid employment before graduation.

Community Access:
An individual becomes eligible for career path services at age 18 and can continue to receive support through his/her retirement. This service allows individuals to continue to make community connections, ensure health and safety, increase positive image and relationships, increase competence, and to do individualized skill building with employment staff in their communities.

Labor & Industries

Labor & Industries services provide technical skills training for injured workers in assembly or machine operation in our Auburn facility.

School District Work Experience

School District Work Experience services provide work experience for special education students. Students enroll for a semester and receive credits and work experience. Orion has current contracts with the Federal Way and Puyallup School Districts in our Auburn facility.

City of Federal Way – Community Development Block Grant

City of Federal Way – Community Development Block Grant services provide vocational assessment, skills training and job placement assistance for Federal Way residents in our Auburn facility.

Veterans Administration

Veterans Administration services provide work assessment and training services. Assessment services provide information regarding follow through and employability to the participant and referral counselor. Training provides skill building in a manufacturing environment in our Auburn facility.

Community Non-Profits

Community Non-Profits services include vocational planning, job training, job placement and retention services. These community partners include drug treatment centers, mental health programs, community service organizations and more in our Auburn facility.