Orion's August 2015 eNewsletter

Jenny, Orion Office Skills & Customer Service Program Graduate.


Jenny and her mother are partners in a successful Ebay business, but Jenny wanted to find a part time job that enabled her to interact face to face with people. Jenny found that first she needed to update her clerical skills and build her confidence. Jenny was referred to Orion's Office Skills & Customer Service Program by her DVR counselor. 


Jenny impressed her instructor, Jeri Lucas, by how quickly she learned and her positive attitude. Jenny followed up her training with a three month assignment at Orion's front desk. Her bright smile and outgoing personality quickly made her a favorite with staff and visitors. 


The perfect job for Jenny opened up at the City of Renton Community Center. It met all of Jenny's job goals: part time; in her home town; at the front desk; and interacting with people. Jenny's job developer, Erin Colwell, assisted Jenny in crafting a resume and cover letter. Then they worked on Jenny's interviewing skills.


A few days later, an exclamation of joy could be heard coming from the Orion lobby. Jenny had received a call offering her the job which she immediately accepted. Jenny completed her first 90 days on the job in June. Her hours have increased and her supervisor has praised Jenny's job performance. Jenny said it best when she wrote the following to her job developer:


"I am so incredibly thankful for Orion, it has been such a wonderful opportunity and has helped tremendously with my confidence level. I truly feel blessed to have worked with you, along with all of the other staff members. I am very grateful! Once again, I thank you and Orion Industries for all you have taught me. I have learned so much, and these skills have helped me find a career that I am very proud of. I couldn't have accomplished so much without the support I have received from Orion."



 Michelle at work in the Orion planning department.

Michelle started her training at Orion in February 2015, after attending Green River College. At Green River College, Michelle earned an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Design Drafting Technology, and during her 2014 spring quarter, she worked as an AutoCad tutor.


Michelle spent 20 weeks training in the Orion planning department, 16 weeks in Commercial Work Order Printing, and four weeks working in Estimating. Michelle won the Orion Worker of the Month Award for May 2015. Michelle also completed Orion blueprint classes in July.


Michelle said, "I came to Orion after completing my coursework at Green River because I needed experience, and I now have a great deal of experience from all of the different training jobs I had while at Orion." 


Michelle learned to work in Visual to verify that the revision levels listed on the work orders were correct and current. She also learned to locate drives and file folders on the computer, ID work orders with non-recurring operations, and distribute work orders to proper areas for processing. She demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Office, and correctly inputting data into the correct fields after opening an Estimating window within Visual. She also printed and collated engineering drawings.

Alan Wickland, Orion Production Scheduler, said, "During her time in the area, while printing and reviewing work orders, Michelle demonstrated a good eye for detail. She was consistent in catching mistakes, and noticing changes in document revisions." 


Dave Barr, Orion Estimating Supervisor, said, "It was very nice having Michelle come help us out in the Estimating department. She was quick to learn the tasks. She took notes as she was learning and was able to jump from one task to the other without needing to be shown again."


Michelle said, "I surprised myself by being able to quickly learn programs that I didn't previously know. The people at Orion who worked with me were very encouraging, I'm usually pretty shy, but I found friends at Orion."


Michelle has always liked drawing, from a young age, and found her interest in drafting when she took an AutoCad elective in junior high school. Now Michelle would like to find work that will use her education and her training at Orion and that will allow her to employ her strong drafting and computer skills. Michelle would enjoy an internship or apprenticeship that will give her practical experience. 

If you are interested in learning more about Michelle, or would like to see her resume, call Cathy Wegner at 253-661-7805 or email Cathy at cathy.wegner@orionworks.org.


Orion classes available!

Orion contracts with companies around the King and Pierce County area to provide classes, such as blueprint reading. Companies can send their staff to Orion for classes at our facility, or we can send our instructors on-site. If you're interested in finding out more about how this can benefit your staff, please contact Orion's Training Program Manager, Cynthia Kim, at 253-661-7805.


Program tours are available!

Orion currently has openings available in all of our training programs:
  • Our Manufacturing Training Program offers full time or part time paid training Monday - Friday. Participants can come for a variety of reasons including assessment or skills training. Enrollment occurs weekly.

If you are working with someone who would benefit from this training program, please have them attend our weekly tour - Tuesday at 1pm!

  • Our Office Skills & Customer Service Program offers students exposure to computer training, customer service training and keyboarding / 10-key skills training. It utilizes a self-directed model, in a small classroom setting, with instructor support. Each Friday, interactive group customer service discussions are led by the instructor. Students are offered a daily stipend of $10 for class attendance.
  • Our Contact Center Training Program offers three paid training opportunities: Inbound Customer Service, Front Desk / Reception and Document Conversion training. Participants can come for a variety of reasons including assessment or skills training. While some programs offer cohort enrollment, most positions enroll weekly. Pretesting may be a requirement and will be coordinated during program tour. 
Orion has multiple open spots for direct job placement support services to individuals not in our training programs. If you are interested in direct job placement services, please contact a Job Developer at 253-661-7805.

ADA 25th Anniversary Rally 
  Kathy Powers (left), Erin Colwell (middle), and Barb Panush (right), at the ADA 25th Anniversary Rally.


Kathy Powers, Orion's Vice President of Services, Erin Colwell, Senior Job Developer, and Barb Panush, Job Developer, attended the ADA 25th Anniversary rally on July 22nd at Westlake Center in Seattle. 


On July 26, 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law. Hundreds of individuals celebrated its 25th Anniversary at the Seattle rally. This was not only a celebration of the advancement of equal opportunities for people with disabilities, but also a rally for further advancement. 


Washington State Senator Habib, from Kirkland, spoke to his experience as a person who is blind, and the opportunities he has been offered as a result of the ADA and related legislation. He noted that in two thirds of the world and in many parts of the United States, he would live in an institution and would not have the opportunity to make a difference in the community. Pretty powerful!


For more on the event see the link below:
ADA 25th Anniversary Rally

Orion Wellness Committee launches 5210 initiative 
The Orion Wellness League of Fruits & Vegetables with the Orion Wellness Committee Co-Chairs, pictured from left to right; Luke "Great Grape" Kennedy, Paul "Captain Carrot" Mickelson, Jimmy "Awesome Apple-Man" Scott, Bob "Big Broccoli" Book, Joanna Boatwright, Liz Hickman, and Dave "Banana Boy" Carrier (careful, he bruises).


The Orion Wellness Committee enlisted a few volunteers to help kick off the 5210 initiative. Can you guess who the volunteers were?

5210 calls for eating 5 or more fruits and vegetables, 2 hours or less of recreational screen time, 1 hour or more of physical activity, and 0 sugary drinks each day.

5 or more fruits & vegetables

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables provides vitamins and minerals, important for supporting growth and development and for optimal immune functions in children. High daily intake of fruits and vegetables among adults are associated with lower rates of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and possibly some types of cancers. Emerging science suggests fruit and vegetable consumption may help prevent weight gain, and when total calories are controlled, may be an important aid to achieving and sustaining weight loss. 

2 hours or less recreational screen time*

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the typical child watches an average of 5-6 hours of television a day. Watching too much television is associated with an increased prevalence of obesity, lower reading scores, and attention problems. For children age 2 and older, the AAP recommends no more than 2 hours per day.
From the balcony of the Fortress of Health & Wellness (Orion Industries), the Orion Wellness League of Fruits & Vegetables look forward to a day when everyone realizes the benefits of healthy eating. 

1 hour or more of physical activity

Regular physical activity is essential for weight maintenance and prevention of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, and osteoporosis. Children who are raised in families with active lifestyles are more likely to stay active as adults.

0 sugary drinks, more water & low fat milk

Sugar-sweetened beverage consumption has increased dramatically since the 1970s: high intake among children is associated with obesity, displacement of milk consumption, and dental cavities. It is recommended that children 1-6 years old consume no more than 4-6 ounces of 100% juice per day and youth 7-18 years old consume no more than 8-12 ounces. Switching to low or non-fat milk products (once a child reaches 2 years old) significantly reduces dietary saturated and total fat.

For more information visit www.letsgo.org.  


*Keep TV/computer out of the bedroom. No screen time under the age of 2. 

 Adapted from the Maine Center for Public Health.  

Orion Contact Center Call Quality Board
Marietta Frost, Multiservice Specialist 3 (left), and Kirill Vikoulov, Quality Assurance Specialist (right), with the new Call Quality Board. 

The Orion Contact Center has outgrown their original Call Quality Board.


Kirill Vikoulov, Quality Assurance Specialist, and Marietta Frost, Multi-Service Specialist 3, were recently tasked with replacing it, and presented this 5'x7' canvas displayed football theme (GO HAWKS!) as their solution.


Each football represents an agent's call quality average score for the current week. The colored label on the football is the agent's name and the label color indicates which team (account) the score pertains to. The "goal" is to end the week with 85% or higher. 


The Orion Contact Center's quality score on average in 2015 to date, combining all accounts, is 86.89%.


3rd of July BBQ
Orion Riders, Rick Pudmaroff (top left) and Victor Molstad (top right), along with Orion Wellness Committee Co-Chair Joanna Boatwright (top middle) put on a BBQ for Orion staff, family and friends.


The Orion Riders and the Orion Wellness Committee put on a BBQ for staff, family and friends on July 3rd. 


Everyone enjoyed good food and good company.


After the BBQ everyone had a great view of the fireworks display provided by Emerald Downs.


 Popsicle Parade 
  HR team members Anne Bosse (left) and Ashley Patch (right) delivering much appreciated relief during the popsicle parade.

As many of you may know, it's been hotter than normal in the great Pacific Northwest this summer. 

Orion's HR team decided to combat the heat wave in early July by going on a popsicle parade through our facility. 

Staff and program participants appreciated the frozen treats and bottled water. When it gets hot, remember to stay hydrated!

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