Orion's October 2014 eNewsletter

Erin, Orion Clerical Customer Service Training Program Graduate.


Erin was referred to Orion through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. "I came to Orion to update my skills since I was self-taught, I was looking for a program that would retrain me and (Orion) gave me the ability to be employable in an office setting," Erin said.

Erin was the pilot person for the clerical administrative agent receptionist position for the Contact Center. She helped set the program up and evolve it into the well working program it is today.

Erin is currently a workforce coordinator 1. In that role, she oversees and mentors program participants. "I'm always honored to give back every day and work with participants, I know that it helps them to know that the person mentoring them has been through the program," Erin explained.

Erin, on a personal level, wants to be the best mom she can be by providing for her children and by showing them hard work and dedication. Her hard work and dedication has earned her the Orion Values Award for agent of the year for 2012 voted on by her peers.

"Erin is the embodiment of Orion's mission," said Kathy Powers, vice president of services.

"Since I have started at Orion my confidence has grown," Erin said.

Click on the link below to see Erin's New Beginnings video:  


Sheri at work on the manufacturing floor at Orion. - image credit: Courtesy photo/Chris Hedegaard

Sheri has a goal to find a full-time mechanical assembly position with an area employer. 

Sheri first came to Orion in 2010. She obtained a job at Magnum Print through Orion's services, but was struck by a car the morning of her first day while on her way to work


The car ran over her foot, which required surgery, and Sheri was in a lot of pain. Her resume shows an employment gap due to the injury, but she has been working hard to recover from this set back. While the road to recovery has been long, her comfort level has increased and she is ready for full-time employment.

Sheri returned to Orion in June of 2014 with a positive approach. Sheri has done everything in her power to learn. She has taken blueprint reading and shop math classes. She has also been coming in an hour early each day to learn how to operate different machines. She has done well in part mark up and mechanical assembly and has concentrated on achieving success.

While speed had been her focus previously when she worked at UPS she now concentrates on quality. She enjoys detailed work and takes pride is getting the job done right.


"Orion did everything they could to help me, now I just need another chance and I'm fighting for it," Sheri said. 

If you are interested in learning more about Sheri and her skills, or would like her resumé, please feel free to contact Cathy Wegner by phone at (253) 661-7805 ext. 209 or via email at cathy.wegner@orionworks.org.


Program tours are available!
Orion currently has openings available in all of our training programs (Manufacturing, Office Skills & Customer Service and Contact Center) and for job development.        


Individuals who are interested in our Manufacturing training program or our Office Skills training program are invited come and take a tour of the program and facility. 

  • Manufacturing program - every Tuesday at 1 pm
  • Office Skills & Customer Service program - every Wednesday at 1 pm
Contact Center program - pre-testing for computer literacy and customer service competency must be completed first. Contact Jeri Lucas to schedule an appointment at 253-661-7805.

Blueprint Reading Class

Instructor Bob Book (standing) leading a blueprint reading class with students from Cascade Gasket and Manufacturing Company, Inc.

The Orion blueprint reading course was initially designed to introduce Boeing drawings to our manufacturing program participants and staff. With the success of the training, Orion is now offering the course to outside customers. 


During the 8 week course students learn to identify and locate typical information found on Boeing drawings and interpret images in terms of geometry, dimensions, and tolerances.


Course Purpose


Engineers and drafters are not the only individuals who must read and interpret technical information. Production workers must refer to blueprints, parts lists, and process specifications to perform their jobs.


The purpose of this course is to teach the basics of The Boeing Company's Drawing system. Participants will learn that the drawing system consists of picture sheets, parts list, and reference data. In this course participants will be taught how to find and interpret information contained in picture sheets and parts list.


Throughout the course, there will be skill practices to test the participants learning.


Course Objectives


By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Explain the use of drawings used by the Boeing Company, interpret the numbering system to identify drawings and parts and identify drawing revision status.
  • Explain the units of measurement and standard tolerances used.
  • Describe the format of a picture sheet, be able to navigate and identify the typical information and where the information is located on the sheet, and explain and identify the standard drawing views.
  • Interpret image in terms of geometry, dimensions, and tolerances.
  • Identify the correct versions of drawings and change forms and revisions.


Orion Cycling Club Receives New Jerseys!

Standing left to right, Mike Keil, Cynthia Wong, Dave Barr, Liz Hickman,Tom Brosius, Shawn Christensen, Kathy Powers and Paul Binford.

The Orion Cycling Club went on a 23 mile ride to Black Diamond, WA on Wednesday, September 10th.

The 8 riders who participated on the ride sported new Orion Cycling Club jerseys.

The Orion Cycling Club, which currently has 14 members, typically goes on rides after work hours each Wednesday and takes advantage of some great trails in the area including the Interurban and Green River trails.

The Orion Cycling Club also participates in charity rides and community events.

Orion's Annual Safety BBQ

Orion Wellness Slime Run!

Left to right, Shawn Christensen, Liz Hickman and Joanna Boatwright after completing the Slime Run.

Representatives from the Orion Wellness Committee participated in the Slime Run in Carnation, WA on Saturday, September 13th.

The Slime Run was a 5k obstacle course that featured plenty of slime.
The event is a great activity for both adults and children. The event also featured vendors, a beer garden, food, music and more slime.

If you are interested in participating in a future Slime Run check out their web site below:

Orion Industries
1590 A St Northeast
Auburn, Washington 98002